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Alpha, bravo, charlie… the CODE to efficiency

Police forces are investing millions in moving to larger custody suites to create better working environments for staff and detainees and provide more efficient use of property that will save millions in running costs each year. We recently delivered over 50 cell custody suites for police forces in South Yorkshire, South Wales, Newcastle and West Midlands.


In South Yorkshire, the police force expects its new purpose-built 50-cell centre in Sheffield to replace inefficient custody suites in Rotherham and Sheffield and save £1.2 million a year in running costs. Likewise, West Midlands Police expects its new 60-cell Central Custody Suite in Perry Bar to save the force £1.3 million per year.

To support the move to a new generation of modern, energy efficient custody suites, we have developed a standardised offering called CODE with a range of pre-designed custody suites to suit different police force budgets and requirements. CODE models have been designed in partnership with NORR Architects, our supply chain partners, the Home Office and over 20 different police forces to tackle issues such as minimising the risk of detainee injury, increasing security of evidence and providing a better working environment that is more efficient and sustainable.

CODE has three models; Alpha providing up to 28 cells, Bravo up to 36 cells and Charlie for forces that require more than 36 cells; police forces can also completely customise their suite to ensure it meets their individual needs. All CODE projects are delivered with a fixed cost, timescale, quality and minimum risk; they also provide significant social value and community engagement commitments, a defining factor of our projects.

The Barnsley Custody Suite completed in October 2016 for South Yorkshire Police finished as runner-up for the title of Most Considered Site at the 2017 Considerate Constructors Awards, whilst the Custody Suite in Sheffield was awarded Gold. South Bank Custody Suite for Humberside Police is the latest project on the Scape Major Works framework to be based on a CODE model.

Detailed case studies and other information is available on codecustody.co.uk