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Celebrating a milestone

To celebrate Milton Keynes’ 50th birthday, we have delivered Milton Keynes Museum’s expansion to ensure the city’s past and present is preserved for future generations to enjoy. Our team has created two new galleries that tell the key stories of this town, from historic times right up to the present day.


Originally founded in 1973 by a group of local people, the museum went from strength to strength until it burnt down in 1996 destroying the museum’s Grade II listed threshing barn and cowshed, both built in the 1850s, and two smaller buildings. It was rebuilt and we are delighted to have added to its legacy with this fantastic new extension.

Our local team built the extension, which was part of a series of projects in Milton Keynes to create housing, schools and a medical facility. The council's requirements are at the heart of all decisions and we believe collaborative working is key on an integrated series of projects like this. These projects also have an impact on the local community and we have ensured they have benefitted through employment and training opportunities delivered across all our sites in Milton Keynes.

By April 2017, there had been 820 site visits by school and university students and 713 weeks’ worth of apprenticeships on our local projects. A partnership with Milton Keynes College has provided construction students opportunities to develop their skills, 226 weeks of work experience provided across three school sites and the museum.

We also set up an area for bricklaying and carpentry so that apprentices can practice the skills they have been learning with our supply chain partners.